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Have you ever noticed that all the sites reviewing and recommending real estate investment books always recommend their own book? The people at have never written a book so we can't pitch our book to you because we don't have a book. We give an honest unbiased opinion on real estate investing books. We have separated the books into different categories for you convenience. We base our ranking on readers review, comments and our own opinion of the books. The books we choose range from very general and basic to very elaborate and complex. Remember that everybody has to start somewhere, please keep that in mind if you think that some of these books are to basic. A very basic real estate investing book may be just the thing to get someone involved in real estate investing. We hope this website helps sort through the thousands and thousands of real estate investing books on the market today.

This site was created to help you find the best real estate investment books all in one place. Look through our various real estate categories that best describes how you want to invest in real estate. We have the top 10 books in all of the following categories, 10 best commercial real estate investment books, 10 best single family real estate investment books, 10 best multi family real estate investing books, 10 best real estate landlording books, 10 best real estate flipping books