10 Best Commercial Real Estate Investing Books

top ranked commercial real estate investment books all in one place

We have gathered the best commercial real estate investing books on the market. These books have been read and reviewed to help you get your commercial real estate investing career off the ground. If you are an experienced commercial real estate investor you will still love these great books. We also scour the internet to get outside opinions. We do this to ensure that you get the best unbiased review of the top commercial real estate investment books available to you. Please see our list of the best books about how to invest in commercial real estate. Feel free to comment below to tell us what you think.

#1 Real Estate Finance and Investments by William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher

This book is a great read for beginners and seasoned real estate investor alike. Real Estate Finance and Investments has so much information, not only is it a great book to learn how to invest, it is also a great book to reference for more complex equations and financing formulas. That's why we rated this the #1 best commercial real estate investment book.

The Fourteenth Edition of Real Estate Finance and Investments prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts and techniques included in the chapters and problem sets are used in many careers related to real estate. The material in this edition is also relevant to individuals who want to better understand real estate for their own personal investment and financing decisions. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#2 Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments by David M. Geltner

Learn to analyze commercial real estate from an investment perspective with COMMERICAL REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS AND INVESTMENTS and its accompanying CD-ROM! Presenting the essential concepts, principles, and tools for the analysis of commercial real estate, this real estate text provides you with the tools you need to understand real estate investments in today's dynamic economy. Studying is made easy with the CD-ROM that provides expanded coverage as well as spreadsheet examples of methodologies, data used in exhibits, lecture slide notes, and answers to study questions.Click here to view more details about this book.

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#3 How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate by John L. Bowman

How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate is a comprehensive, practical book for those considering entering the field of commercial real estate, those just beginning in the business, as well as experienced brokers and sales managers who want to evaluate and strengthen their current strategies—especially those related to listings, negotiations, contracts, and sales.

The author provides a straightforward overview of the business of selling commercial property, including coverage of the four main specialty areas –retail, office, industrial, and investment—as well as crossovers and emerging specialties. Rather than pumping a "get rich quick" approach to selling, the author shows brokers that they don’t have to sacrifice integrity and ethics to remain competitive and deal oriented. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#4 The Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing: State of the Art Standards for Investment Transactions, asset Management, and Financial Reporting by John McMahan

The Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing delivers an authoritative “best practices” approach to the three major areas of the industry: investment transactions, asset management, and enterprise management. Skillfully written by John McMahan, a leader of the U.S. commercial real estate investment industry, The Handbook of Commercial Real Estate Investing presents state-of-the-art methods needed to successfully invest in and manage commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, apartments, and hotels.. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#5 The Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Road Map to Financial Wealth

You can now discover how to make money investing in commercial buildings, warehouses, apartments, mobile home parks, shopping centers, hotels, and other commercial income property. This comprehensive book provides invaluable information about how to identify opportunities, determine property value, acquire, finance, and manage commercial real estate. This book is a must-have for beginning investors, real estate veterans, commercial brokers, sellers, and buyers.

Real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle in this country. This comprehensive step-by-step proven program shows beginners and seasoned veterans alike the ins and outs of commercial real estate investing. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#6 The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How to Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, or Commercial Property by Steve Berges

This practical, real--world guide gives investors all the tools they need to make wise decisions when weighing the value and potential of investment properties. Written for old pros as well as novice investors, this friendly, straightforward guide walks readers step by step through every stage of property analysis. Whether you are buying or selling, investing in big commercial properties or single--family rentals, you'll find expert guidance and handy resources on every aspect of real estate finance, including: Proven, effective valuation techniques; Finance tips for all different kinds of property; How various financing strategies affect investments; Structuring financial instruments, including leverage, debt, equity, and partnerships; Measurements and ratios for investment performance, including capitalization rates and gross rent multiplier ratios; Future and present value analysis; How the appraisal process works; Primary appraisal methods--replacement cost, sales comparison, and income capitalization--and how to know which one to use; How to understand financial statements, including income, balance, and cash flow; Case studies for single--family rentals, multifamily conversions, apartment complexes, and commercial office space; A detailed glossary of important real estate terminology. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#7 Mega-Producer Results In Commercial Real Estate by Robert L. Herd

A working blueprint for real estate professionals to successfully enter or transition into commercial real estate. Bob Herd provides a personal handbook reference for those contemplating the switch into commercial real estate with stories and advice from someone in the field. Part One deals with the many aspects of commercial real estate - getting started, making the switch, training, client acquisition techniques, specializations, property valuation methods, tax consequences, a 5-year plan, listing proposals, purchases contracts, success patterns of high-producing commercial agents, and two interviews with veteran commercial brokers. Part Two dives into investment types with single-family homes and condos, apartment complexes, office buildings, retail shopping centers, mini-storage facilities, land sales, and mobile home parks.. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#8 Principals of Commercial Real Estate Underwriting by Dearborn Real Estate Education

A little old but still an excellent resource for study and reference; covering all major components and topics necessary to successfully underwrite commercial real estate assets.. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#9 The Advisor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment by David J. Lynn

The Advisor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment is the only single volume A-Z guide to commercial real estate investment available today. It is an invaluable resource for anyone advising investors as well as for those seeking to increase their knowledge of real estate finance. Click here to view more details about this book.

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#10 Robert’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investments: Insider Secrets to Commercial Real Estate Investing by Robert A. Morse

"Over the years I have looked for books on commercial real estate investing. I have discovered there are very few published. There are even fewer with substantial practical and technical content. This is a big business with lots of players but still very little information seems to be printed. The intent of this book is to fill a gap and to give you the basics of Commercial Real Estate Investments from an insider's point of view. This book is written to be useful, informative, and easy to understand. It takes an honest and straightforward approach. I am writing it in the hopes that it will arm you with basic information and dispel some common myths about commercial real estate investments. My intention is to provide you with knowledge and honest opinions that should provide a solid foundation to start working from. This can save a lot of wasted time at the beginning of your commercial real estate investment endeavors and help you on your way to making money." Click here to view more details about this book.

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